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my restaurant shut down.. had to take a transfer with no gaurantere of hours.


Tuesday's suck..

Hate having Tuesday off. My mother is home all day, WoW servers are down, although today it was just a restart.. Sigh. Todd and I are going to Bolton to pick up the box of documents for his work then I'm suppose to go with him to do scanning, because Chris and Megan are on vacation. Car is acting up, totally blame my nun and sister because of how they drive. Blah. I need a vacation.



SOOOO! For Christmas this year, I called up and arranged to get tickets for Ashley to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in New York. (Yeah, it was free but it was the thought that counts, because for some reason she adores Jimmy Fallon!) Email confirmation, said the tickets didn't guarantee an actual seat though, so we get there super early to make sure we do in fact get seats. When we get to Rockfeller Plaza, there's this HUGE as crowd in front, and we can't figure out why. We were actually worried that all these people were there to get into the show too, buuuut, what WAS happening, was they were filming portions of 30 Rock for an upcoming show! Ashley and I saw Tina Fey AND Alec Baldwin!!


So, like I said above, Ashley wanted to see the show for Jimmy, so I didn't pay any freaking attention to who they said the guests were.. We were sitting in the audience for the warm up act, and the announcer says, that, oooommmmgggg, the "main" guest is none other than my love, my heart, EWAN MCGREGOR!!!!! <3

Todd download the episode, and made some conversions, because yes, I am that girl, who waited for it to calm down a bot and get a little quieter and then shouted, "I LOOOOVE YOU, EWAN!!!" You can watch that here, http://schnozz.maskreet.com/ange/

I loooove my life <3

Schooling and Gaming!

Hello ladies, (and lurking gents!)

I come to you all for a bit of help. My sister is studying business at CCSU in Connecticut. Recently her class was presented with a project to study consumer behaviors of people who use the internet on a regular (fanatical? heh) basis. Her particular group was struggling with what to choose. After some deliberation, it came down to porn or online gamers... Now, my sister shies from any talk of pron, especially when having to do any research, so she jumped all over the gaming aspect.. I think the fact that her sister is addicted to WoW might have helped that decision along.. Anywho, my answers weren't enough for her background research, so she humbly asked me to present it to others and see if I could help her too. Thus, I come to you amongst the community. If I could get as many people to fill this out and send it back to me for her, I'd be forever grateful! It doesn't have to be female based only so if you have any family or friends who play along with you, and can get them to fire off one too, I'd love you forever! Just fill out the below questionnaire and send it back to me in a message, I'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance!! Fat lootz to you all!

Friend's Only!

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Welcome to my live journal.. This is my own personal spot on the interweb. I enjoy being me most days, and other days I am the biggest emo bitch of all. Muwhaha.

The reason this LJ is locked is because once upon a time, I was a member of a very popular online gaming clan. Because of that and my rarity as a female ET player, I was constantly being followed around the web. So, because I like to plop down my personal thought and stuff here.. I had to lock it down. But if for some reason you want to actually add me, go ahead! More often then not I'll "friend" back.

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The base/default icon for this journal was created by me. As for the F.O. banner and other icons, I'm searching for the authors. If it's your art, leave me a message and I'll definitely credit you! I believe in giving credit where credit is due. =)


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Thanks for checking out my live journal. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here. Both are extremly welcome.

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